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  • Architectural Control Committee Approval Reminder

    Published: December 19, 2018

    There are many types of common additions and changes, such as adding/modifying a fence, a pool, landscaping, pergolas, sport courts, tennis courts, playscapes, basketball hoops, trampolines, swing/play sets, etc., that residents may want to add to their homes and lots. To protect property values and to minimize the impact of all desired modifications of your property on your neighbors and the community at large, all projects such as the aforementioned including any other change that impact/change/modify the exterior of the home or lot must be submitted in advance to the Granada Architectural Control Committee (ACC) for consideration. Keep in mind that the ACC may deny any project including those that do not meet the Design Guidelines or that may negatively impact a neighbor or the community. Should you proceed with modifications without receiving ACC approval the HOA may require removal or modifications at the homeowner’s expense. Town approval may be required for your project however, the ACC must approve all projects.

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  • 2019 Assessment Increases

    Published: December 14, 2018

    As you may be aware, notice of 2019 assessment increases have been mailed. Towards the end of each year expenses are compared against the Associations income. It is during this review that it is determined whether or not an assessment increase is required. After careful review of the Association’s financials and 2019 expenses, an increase in the 2019 assessments was deemed necessary in order to sustain a healthy operating account. Click Full Story for more information.

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